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EMEK Electrical Industry Inc. started manufacturing  in a small workshop at Siteler location in ANKARA  on 31th of January 1969. EMEK delivered its first certificated product to EMKOL-Izmir company in 1969. EMEK Electrical Industry Inc.,being in service under BARMEK HOLDING INC., performed service within the body of EMEK HOLDING INC. between the years of 1982-1988 until the reorganization of the BARMEK HOLDING Group in 1988.

In 1971,EMEK signed a licence agreement with Balteau, Belgium  for the transfer of economical and contemporary technology to our country within the scope of  manufacturing oil filled current transformers and inductive voltage transformers up to 170 kV and cast resin epoxy  instrument transformers.

In 1972, EMEK moved to her new plant, 23 km from downtown Ankara. Today, the plant comprises of 10.835,68 m² covered area and 20.182,32 m² open area.

In 1975, EMEK signed another technology transfer agreement with ICAR Italy, for the manufacture of capacitive voltage transformers and LV power capacitors.

In 1978, EMEK commissioned her own research and testing laboratory capable of performing all the routine and type tests of instrument transformers (except the short time current test for current transformers). Later, a 5 meter high climatic room capable of going down to -45°C was added to the laboratory.

In 1982, EMEK realised the first export of instrument transformers, when 145 kV current and voltage transformers were exported to WAPDA, Pakistan.

In 1994, EMEK was granted ISO 9001 certification by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).  Additionally, EMEK was also accredited with ISO 9001 from Independent International Institutes in 1997, currently EMEK has ISO 9001certificate from ABS Quality Evaluations INC .

EMEK has the annual capacity to manufacture 7,500 units of oil filled and 35,000 units of epoxy resin instrument transformers, 2000 units of disconnecting switches and 1600 MVAR of power capacitors.

The product range is:

  •  Instrument Transformers
  •  Oil filled current transformers up to 420 kV,
  •  Oil filled inductive voltage transformers up to 420 kV,
  •  Capacitive voltage transformers up to 420 kV,
  •  Indoor and outdoor type epoxy resin current and voltage transformers up to 72.5 kV,

Power Capacitors

  •  Low voltage Al+Zn MPP power capacitors

Disconnecting Switches

  •  Disconnecting switches up to 245 kV, centre break, motor or manual operated, with or w/o earthing switch, up to 2,000 Amps

Today, EMEK products are exported to 96 countries all around the world.


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