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Among the first graduates of Middle East Technical University (METU) Electrical Engineering Department, Hüseyin Arabul and Özcan Kanburoğlu prepared their master thesis on "Design and Production of 154 kV Current Transformers" and "Optimum Economic Solutions" under joint cooperation of ETIBANK and METU with the financing of ETIBANK and the encouragement of  Eşref Erkmen  who is the General  Manager of ETIBANK .

The master project has been realized at Akköprü facilities of ETIBANK.

After completion of military service on 01.10.1968 Huseyin Arabul was introduced to Adnan Goral by Ertuğrul Hergül.The prototype workings were initiated in the  workshop covering 25 m2  located at Marangozlar Sitesi Demirhendek Caddesi No:24 owned by Adnan Golar.  

Adnan Golar and Huseyin Arabul established  EMEK Electrical Industry Inc. together with Ozcan Kanburoğlu,Tulin - Ertuğrul Hergül, Necmiye-Sezai Sayın, Ayten Dündar, Dr. Tomris Golar, Hakkı Gültopçu,Saffet Aykan, Mustafa Karakaya and Fethi Gürçağlar   with a paid-in capital of 550.000 Turkish Liras. EMEK Electrical Industry Inc.,the first company of the BARMEK Holding Inc., started manufacturing of Oil İmmersed Voltage and Current Transformers up to 36kV.

EMEK made a license agreement with BALTEAU (Belgium) for High and Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers and moved to her today's facilities along the Esenboğa Airport Road. First 170 kV voltage and current transformers were manufactured.

First production of MV Epoxy Resin Instrument Transformers was realized.

Technical know-how agreement with ICAR (Italy) for LV Power Capacitors production was signed.

Technical know-how agreement with ICAR for Capacitive Voltage Transformers production was signed.

License agreement with Merlin-Gerin (France) for the production of disconnecting switches up to 420 kV and SF6 Circuit Breakers up to 36 kV was signed.

EMEK Holding was established. In the same year, first export was realized.
First 420 kV Current and Capacitive Voltage Transformers were manufactured.

First production of 36 kV, SF6 Circuit Breakers was realized under the license of Merlin-Gerin. First 170 kV Disconnecting Switch was manufactured.

170 kV, SF6 Circuit Breakers were manufactured under the license of GEC Switchgear Ltd/UK.

As a result of the reorganization studies, BARMEK Holding was established.

A joint venture company was established with Gec-Alsthom (France) for manufacturing of SF6 Circuit Breakers up to 36 kV and Cubicles.

Initial public offering of 18 % of EMEK Electricity's shares was realized.

BARMEK Group, deciding to establish an electromechanical manufacturing facility at international quality standards for Azerbaijan and CIS Countries, took over a facility in setting on 110.000 m2 open field and having 70.000 m2 covered factory area at a tender in Azerbaijan within the privatization package. By utilizing EMEK's technological welfare, that is planned and already partially started to manufactucture electrical components such as Electronic Metering Systems, LV and upto 110 kV Instrument Transformers, Disconnecting Switches, Circuit Breakers, Power Capacitors, Distrubution Transformers and Metal Clads accordance with the latest technology.

2006 Year was designated as the year of Energy Revolution in Cuba.Within this scope   high voltage current and voltage transformers for 80 substations are purchased from Emek Elektrik Endüstrisi A.Ş.

Due to the investment program for the increase of power capacity by 300 MWt, Nigeria Government has began Nigeria Integrated Power Project (NIPP) in 2005. With this project, 22 lots of transformer substation tenders were realised. Emek Elektrik Endüstrisi A.Ş. with the strategic partner AKAY Nigeria Electrical Ltd. have gained great success in the related tenders.


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