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In 1965, Hüseyin ARABUL and Özcan KANBUROĞLU (present Deputy Chairman of BARMEK Holding), the first graduates of METU, Middle East Technical University, Electrical Engineering Department, prepared their master projects on "Design and Manufacturing of 154 kV Current Transformers" and "Optimal Economic Solutions".

This master study, prepared under the joint cooperation of University/Industry(ETİBANK) and supervised by an Hungarian Prof., Dr. Lazio Stephan, had resulted in the establishment of Turkish electromechanical industry where the country benefits billions of Dollars of export income.

Teacher ARABUL
ARABUL, who appreciates teaching as the source of his professional life, had even provided his living by giving Mathematics lessons during his high school years. In 1963-64, while working in Samsun, 33 of the 34 students whom he gave lessons, succeeded in the university exams by entering METU, Middle East Technical University, one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey. Besides giving lessons at Ankara College for 10 years beginning from 1964, ARABUL had given preparation lessons for university exams in 1965 in a school he hired, for the first time in Turkey. The algebra and geometry books he wrote during his military service were the first lecture books written in English in accordance with the Turkish education system and formed the basis of BARMEK Holding A.Ş., being one of the most prestigious group of companies in her sector.

Industrialist ARABUL

In 1969, eager to manufacture their joint master project with his class friend Özcan KANBUROĞLU by his own rules, ARABUL, established Emek Elektrik Endüstrisi A.Ş., the first group company of BARMEK Holding, by the financial support of 11 shareholders, especially Mr. İ. Adnan GOLAR and the royalty he received from Ministry ofNational Education for his books. ARABUL, active in energy sector for more than 30 years, not only realized many "firsts" in manufacturing of electrical equipment in Turkey that were imported from abroad, but also exporting today the electrical equipment manufactured by BARMEK Group to 67 countries all around the world.


ARABUL is the founder and/or member of many local and international non-governmental organizations. These are;

Honorary Officer of World Energy Council in London and Honorary Member of Turkish National Committee
 EMSAD (Electromechanical Industrialists' Association), Chairman
ELSİAD (Electric Industry Businessmen's Association)
ELDER (Electricity Distribution Firms' Association) Chairman
SASAD (Defense Industry Manufacturers' Association)
MESİS (Metal Goods Industry Employers' Union)
Chamber of Electrical Engineers
Ankara Chamber of Industry
METU, Middle East Technical University Development Foundation, Member of Board
Turkish - Pakistan Business Council
DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board)
Kuşadası Education and Development Foundation, Chairman
Prof. Dr. M. Parlar Foundation, Member of Board

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