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EMEK Human Resources Department, organizes human resources according to our company policy and manages employment & hiring. Human Resources DEpartment carries on her work with respect to customer sensitivity, dynamism, self-confidence, scientific methods, continuous improvement, focusing to quality, teamwork, reliability and integrity.


Main principals of EMEK’s HR policy is in light of our vision, our vision and common values are as follows:

    • To supply qualified work force,
    • To provide equality of opportunity during hiring,
    • In the knowledge of strategic importance of human resources, to provide a secure work environment where labour will have an opportunity to convert competitity to advantage,
    • To give opportunity to continuous improvement,
    • To be loyal to equality principle during training and promotion,
    • Not to make any discrimination between workers according to race, religion, language org ender, and respect human rights
    • To adhere our common values always which underlie corporate culture and implement human resources according to this framework.




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