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Environmental aspects of EMEK ELEKTRİK ENDÜSTRİSİ  A.Ş. are defined by taking into consideration of all our activities and raw materials that are used for these activities, our wastes, used resources, used equipments and their maintanence and repairements, activities of our subcontractors and suppliers, all our office activities and used resources. 

Defined Environmental aspects are evaluated in terms of Environmental Policy and Targets,  legal requirements that we are responsible and amount of wastes and significant Environmental Aspects are defined.

Discharging of all wastes to air, water or soil in any wise is the most significant Environmental Aspects of EMEK ELEKTRİK ENDÜSTRİSİ  A.Ş. Activities are planned and implemented for these situations to prevent, eliminate or reduce of their affects.

Processes that have risks in terms of Environmental Management System in EMEK ELEKTRİK ENDÜSTRİSİ  A.Ş.  ;


Environmental  Aspects- Impacs

Process that they are used

*Transformer Oil

Water Pollution

All Processes

*Capacitor Oil

Water-Soil Pollution

KGT Production

*Epoxy mould residuals

Soil Pollution

Epoxy Moulding


Soil Pollution

Capacitor Production


Soil Pollution

Capacitor Production


Air - Water Pollution

Capacitor Production


Air Pollution

All Production Departments

*Packages wastes of all inputs

Soil-Water Pollution

All Processes

*Contaminated paper, cloth , filters (paper,clay etc. filters.)

Soil and Water Pollution

All Processes


Emergency situation and elimination of them related to these environmental aspects are defined by Chemical Management Instruction, Environmental Operations Control Process Scheme, Environmental Aspects Control Procedures, Emergency Situation Management Procedure , Waste Management Procedure and Quality and Environmental Manual .

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