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36 - 245 kV

General Description:

The DR type disconnectors consist of 3 centre break poles. Each pole contains a frame, two rotating post insulators and two main contacts that move in the horizontal plane.

The disconnectors can be supplied as either manual or motor actuated and with one or two earthing switches. One of the earthing switches can also be motor driven, thus EMEK disconnectors are suitable for use in unmanned substations.

The post insulators are mounted on rotating bearings, which are mounted on the U beam frame.

Auxiliary contacts are procured from well known manufacturers who have specialized and are experienced in this type or switches.

Under fault conditions contact pressure increases, providing excellent short-time current withstand capability.



  1. Silver plated contacts provide excellent resistance to environmental pollutants.
  2. The main contacts are 'finger" type ensuring auto alignment during the closing operation.
  3. The pressure on the contacts in closed position is adequate for keeping the temperature rise within limits.
  4. The main contacts rotate through 90 degrees to open and close the disconnector.


Operation mechanism:

The motor and gear box mechanism is the result of 20 years of experience and is considered to be maintenance free.

Motor operated disconnectors can be controlled remotely, or locally, with the push buttons located within the control cubicle. It is not possible to engage remote and local control at the same time. The motors can be AC or DC upon request and can run between 85% and 110% of rated voltage. The universal joint between the gear box and the rotating mechanism ensures silent and safe operation.

Motor actuated disconnectors can also be manually operated if necessary. In such a case manual operation is possible only after mechanical and electrical interlocks are in effect, thus accidental motor operation during hand operation is impossible.

The bearings, which carry the major mechanical load of the disconnectors, are made from stainless and Teflon (PTFE)


Control Cubicle:

The control cubicle is fabricated from high grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Painting or similar maintenance is not required during the switchgear lifetime.

The control cubicle contains a thermostat controlled heater to prevent condensation. Breathing vents are fitted with brass screen mesh to prevent insect entry.

EMEK DR disconnectors are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with national and international standards. Other than except the Short Time Current Withstand Test, it is possible to perform all the Type and Routine Tests in EMEK laboratories in accordance with IEC 271 and IEC 694. Emek testing facilities also include the tallest cold room in Turkey, which can go down to -45 °C, this room is used for icing tests.

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