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Production: EMEK current transformers are manufactured in Ankara Turkey.

Special Design: Non standard core, creepage, seismic, etc. designs are available on request.

Standards: All transformers are subjected to full routine tests as described in the relevant standards. Type tests can also be performed (except short time current test) in our own testing laboratories but should be negotiated during the order stage.

Quality Assurance: Emek is ISO 9001 certified by both ABS Quality Evaluations Inc. and TSE, Turkish Standards Institute.



General Description:

  • Primary and secondary cores are housed in a single porcelain bushing.
  • Oil impregnated paper, high dielectric strength, low dielectric losses.
  • Graded layers with well rounded edges enable a uniformly distributed field over the whole unit.
  • Transformers are hermetically sealed. Well proven "hair pin" technology is used.
  • Including and above 245 kV EMEK CT's are two piece designs, commonly known as "Cascade". These are basically two independent CTs connected in series. They are named as top unit and bottom unit. The insulation is shared between the two CTs. The primary current is reduced to a lower value in as top unit and further reduced to 1,2 or 5A in bottom unit.

Frequency:  50 Hz, 60 Hz.

Secondary Current:1 A, 2 A or 5 A. others on request.

Primary Current: Up to 4000 A

Thermal and Dynamic Ratings: Short time thermal current ratings up to 50 KA / 3 sec and dynamic current ratings up to 125 KA peak.

Continuous Thermal Current: 1.2 x In continuous (up to 2.0 x In on request).

Standards:IEC, BS, ANSI,  AS  other standards on request. Insulation

Insulating Oil: The insulating oil is mineral oil in conformity with IEC 296. Before impregnation, moisture and gases are removed from the oil by special processes.
Drain plug for taking samples and oil refilling facilities are provided as standard. Floating type oil level indicator is also standard supply.

Oil Impregnation: Heat and vacuum are applied to the fully insulated windings after assembly of the current transformer for drying purposes, followed immediately by the oil impregnation procedure.

Hermetic Seal: Oil volume variations are compensated with stainless steel bellows placed in the head of the current transformers. With this facility there will be no contact between air and oil in the transformers.The dielectric strength will remain unchanged for the life time of the CT.

Bushings: Brown glazed porcelain (other colours on request). Extra high creepage distance is also possible on request.

Primary Terminals: Primary terminals are made from tin plated copper.

  • Vertical and horizontal primary terminals are available.
  • Dimensions depend on rated primary current.
  • Stud, nema pad or clamp type primary terminals are available.

Changing of Ratio:

  • Ratio change can be achieved by primary series-parallel connection or by secondary taps or by both.
  • Primary ratio changing terminal is located in the primary connection box which is on the head of transformer.

Cores: Grain oriented silicon steel is used.
The core shapes are toroidal without air gap.

Primary Windings:  Copper suitable to withstand rated continuous current and short time thermal current is used.

Secondary Windings: Enamelled electrolytic copper wire is used.

Bracelets: All bracelets used on transformers are made from aluminium alloy.


  • The housing head is fabricated from corrosion protected aluminium.
  • Every  housing is subject to pressure and vacuum test before installation.

Base Plate: Base of the transformers are fabricated from steel and galvanized.

Name Plate: Name plates are stainless steel and weatherproof.

Secondary Terminal Box: Hinged type boxes are used and are sealable on request. They are made from aluminium or stainless steel.

Secondary Terminal: Clamp type secondary terminals are used. Other secondary terminals are available on request.

Earthing: M10 or M16 earthing terminals are used and are located on the base of the transformers. Clamp type terminals are available on request.

External Binding Elements:
All external bolts, nuts, steel  washers etc. are either stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel.

Painting: External surface of the transformers, which are already corrosion protected (e.g. galvanizing) are additionally painted grey. Other colours are available on request.

Earthquake Design: Standard design is up to 0.6g.

Mechanical Strength: Applied load to the primary terminal in horizontal and vertical is in conformity with IEC 60044-1.

Ambient Temperature: Standard design is suitable for temperature range -25 °C to + 40 °C. Other ranges on request.

Altitude: Standard design is suitable up to 1000 m above sea level.  Higher values on request.

Optional Accessories:

  • Capacitive tap
  • Steel support structure
  • Primary connectors
  • Marshalling box

Maintenance: Maintenance free, simple recommendations

  • Clean the porcelain bushing at regular intervals depending on the degree of pollution.
  • Ensure that there is no oil leakage.

Spare Part: There are no user serviceable parts, therefore no spare parts are required.

Special Tools: No special tools are required for maintenance.

Assembly: Before assembly, the following visual checks should be made ;

  • There are no oil leaks.
  • The porcelain is not damaged,
  • The aluminium protective cover on the bellows is not damaged,
  • There is no damage on the primary terminals,
  • The oil level indicator indicates sufficient oil level.

Storage: It is recommended to store the transformers in their factory packed condition prior to installation.


  • The transformers are packed in rugged wooden crates which are suitable for overseas transportation.
  • The transformers are encapsulated in polyethylene covers to keep them from environmental effects such as rain-fall, dust and sand etc. (during transport and storage).
  • Wooden crates can be lifted by either a fork lift or by a crane with slings.



  • Quantity
  • Delivery Time
  • Destination
  • Service Conditions
  • Others

Electrical Data

  • Insulation Level
  • Frequency
  • Number of Cores
  • Current Ratio
  • Rated Burden for Each Core
  • Accuracy Class for Each Core
  • Continuous Primary Current
  • Short Time Thermal Current
  • Creepage Distance
  • Standard.

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